Our Story

Suacci Carciere began with a vineyard, a passion for wine, and a 25-year friendship between two families. The Suacci and Carciere families raised their kids together in the tiny town of Sebastopol in Sonoma County. Both had Italian grandfathers who made wine, and their interest in wine grew as the Sonoma County wine industry grew up around them.

The Suaccis planted their family vineyard in 2001, around the time that cooler coastal vineyard sites became more and more sought after by high-end wineries. Suacci Vineyard is located in a south facing valley tucked into the foothills of English Mountain, within the Russian River Valley appellation boundaries.

As the vineyard developed, it became apparent that the quality of the Pinot Noir grown on this tiny site was outstanding. After the first few crops had been sold to other wineries, John Suacci approached his good friends Carol and Andy Carciere over dinner one evening with the crazy idea that they keep the 5th season’s grapes and make wine themselves. And Suacci Carciere was born.

The team wanted to launch Suacci Carciere with both a Pinot Noir and a Chardonnay bottling, so they secured grapes from the noted Heintz Vineyard. Owned and managed by Charlie Heintz—highly rated in the wine community—the winery was thrilled to have such an outstanding fruit source for their very first releases.

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